Our family--Christmas, 2008

Our family--Christmas, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Local Art Show Produces Several Winners!

~Klicka Kids Win Several Artwork Awards!~

On January 25, the ArtBeat Gallery in Manassas held an open house to acknowledge the winning entries of young student artists from our area who take art from Patty Rice (http://www.pattyricestudio.com/). Several Klicka children entered artwork to be judged, and all won awards (out of over 125 entries).

Susanna (13) --entered two pieces, a beautiful southwestern landscape and a striking portrait of a Mexican girl, and won "Best of Show" for her age category (7-13 yr. olds). She also got to display two additional pieces of her artwork in
the storefront window. Finally, she received $100, which she is saving to purchase a nice digital camera and/or photography supplies. Susanna had recently been down on herself about her artwork, so this award was a significant means of encouragement to her.

Charity (12) --entered a stunning scratchboard of the base of a tree in the snow and won first place! She also won "Best of Show" for this same piece in our Fauquier Country fair last summer.

Amy (12) -- who has taken only two art lessons (she has just started) entered a pastel of a penquin parent and baby, and surprised us all by winning first place! This was such an encouragement to her in the Lord.

John (10) -- who was persuaded by his mom and sisters to enter an amazing pastel of buffalo on a hillside at dusk, and won first place. He's decided he wants to take art again afterall. :o)

Jesse (15) -- while not winning first place for his artwork, entered two pieces, a vibrant pastel of manatees underwater, winning third place, and a very detailed scratchboard of a cheetah, winning fourth place for that. The competition in this age category was very tough, so he did well considering that.

I (Tracy) got third place for her mountain pastel landscape, and fourth place for a watercolor lakeside mountain scene. I am happy to have just finished two pieces to enter!

God amazed us by having us win the awards! I am thankful for the encouragement the kids received, and I am so proud of all the attention and effort each of the kids put into their artwork. Working on art during the slow, cold months of winter is good therapy for all of us, and we hope to keep improving our skills during the year!