Our family--Christmas, 2008

Our family--Christmas, 2008

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ways to Give to the Klicka Family

The Klickas have been overwhelmed by the many expressions of love and care they have received. Thank you again for your prayers to a faithful Creator on their behalf. Some of you have also asked how to help the Klickas, financially and otherwise. As a result, we have two direct avenues of giving to the Klicka family that you can consider utilizing, and a third avenue of tax-deductible giving to the Klickas' church and its benevolence program:

1. As usual, direct gifts and donations for the family may be sent to their home address at the following address:

6779 Riley Rd.
Warreton, VA 20187

2. Corey Cheney generously established an account for the Klicka family through which you may electronically donate funds:

Please read the below instructions before donating.

Click here to send a donation to the Klickas

1. After clicking the above link a new page will open that has a "To" & "From" E-mail field & a box for you to enter in the amount you would like to donate. (In the "To" field put this E-mail address: tracy.klicka@gmail.com)

2. Click the "Personal" button right under the "Amount" box, then select the "Gift" option, then click "Continue".

3. On the next page you will be asked if you already have a Pay-Pal account. If you do, sign in. If you do not have an account, click "Sign-up"

4. After you sign-in to your Pay-Pal account, you will see the checkout page. Just make sure everything is correct & add your personal note to the Klicka family!

5. Click "Send Money" & the donation will be sent!

3. Finally, tax deductible gifts to their church's benevolence fund may be sent to:

Grace Community Church
Benevolence Fund
19420 Golf Vista Plaza, Suite 220
Lansdowne, VA 20176

Thank you so much and may God bless you.

Tito Mercado
Pastor, Grace Community Church