Our family--Christmas, 2008

Our family--Christmas, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Updates on Our Family, Episode One--Megan Graduates & Heads Off to Liberty University!

Megan was determined to graduate a year early, since we started homeschooling her a year early, so this past June, she did just that. She was actually part of two graduation services, one locally with our homeschool group (her dad was sorry to be out of town for this). She shared at the ceremony both in a moving speech and a song giving tribute to God's faithfulness in her life.

Taking part in another, larger graduation at the HEAV homeschool convention gave her dad (and our whole family) an opportunity to be there and celebrate with Megan the successful completion of her homeschooling years. We give all the glory to God!

The event was extra special because Tracy got to sing the National Anthem and special music for the graduation service for almost two hundred students. Because it was the 25th Anniversary of HEAV this year, Tracy also got to direct her homeschool choir of over 20 students in two choral pieces as part of the ceremonies. It is amazing to look back and truly see God's faithful hand guiding the homeschool movement these past 25 years in Virginia! God is good!!!

Megan had applied to two schools, Grove City College and Liberty University. She was considering a double major of Biblical Studies and Psychology at GCC, and a major of Nursing at Liberty. After much deliberation, she decided to try the Nursing program at Liberty. She's been adjusting to 13,000 on-campus students, but has been making friends and is enjoying her classes so far. God is good.

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